My work is rooted in social issues. Growing up in communist Czechoslovakia as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I was told to toe the line in school while at home ‘do not trust them’ was the dictum. This conflicting advice provided a schizophrenic lens with which I see the world. 

I create installations, drawings, photographs and artist’s books that explore politics, economy, environment and social justice issues.

 I’m interested in finding the proper visual language to address these weighty topics. Using satire, whimsy and at times an element of surprise, I try to bring the viewer into the conversation.

My work is rooted in printmaking, I like the graphic nature of the medium as well as its historical role as the medium for the masses. Covered in dust, rubble and layers upon layers of sediments, history and politics are only revealed after digging up a lot of dirt, both physically and figuratively. I work with images in a similar way, digging through layers of information to arrive at the final images.